which is true..

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

touch, a lovely heart broken to another thought
of climbing upon hopes and idealistic dreams where
players they play their politics in their clandestine teams;
life, is but a stage, says shakespeare and machiavelli would cease to wonder
of dolls and dresses and make-up your messes
of books and lies and many, many old time flies calling out
to the moon and starry morning run of another week day-out;
hold on! to another note of dance, turning and upside loops of many a legs
where she’s telling me to think it through
he’s telling me no one’s good enough for you
they’re holding on, living a life a-grand-e and everyone seems
to have they’re own set of shitty plans;

if life is going to turn out wrong or right,
the music shall still be played by negotiating of no-nonsense of afools
who tell you,
no one’s ever going to love you.

which is true..
you’ve got only your soul,
at the last minutes, before you drift into your soles of a dream of
your feet of your lean…

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