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my mustard sweater

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

about this mustardness
of a sweater–
it’s beautiful, me-to,
but (like/to) everyone
it’s such a bother


Monday, May 11th, 2009

i hold onto a little scar on my head
scratching at what seems like hours of contemplating
muse that continues to poor pity me
that when i am unaffected by too far out skies

she tells me that i’ve got a beat
one that when i tied my shoes with, i can sing and dance
like that time of the free forgotten days
and where forever is but nothing days and homes

a little boy that runs on wednesday evenings
strides to the mountain that awaits the competitive strong
informing muscles tendons and snakes blue green purple black
that head and beat are too much in sync and tune

i hold my head she tells my beat and boy runs deep
scratching like she tells like he strides
muse that has forgotten much of my tendons and slammed companions
and skies leading to homes tune much beat into

much writting feet. . .

i run

Friday, May 8th, 2009

i run not in the masses where
footsteps thread upon easy glasses, where
heights of mountains deceive me to
count them so, where
tears embedded into, (where
rivers, do they flow

i run not in the sunlight where
those who wont to be liked can be seen, where
sun-baked eyes, hiding in a refuge
seek to run, to sin, where
hopes fly high, and breaths sink

i run with my heart, not upon yours,
but mine and my father’s spirit, alone, where
though i am shy to hold you, you leave me,
unspoken desire in a toothy smile, and where
we are all mysteriously unknown

i run with my feet, tipping on each grain
that sets you apart from the others,
i run with my feet, catching unto my breath
that lays in-between books and byes
i run and i run like the sun,
and cannot see my reflection’ dimmed,
except when you’re around..