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Sunday, April 26th, 2009

hopeful like checkered dress across
neon green grass grating at eggs on shallow
wise side that slip me over again

change of sorrows i’m begging
your oily hands to stay, hopeful
like honours, i’m sadly moving once again\

when tide sides into slow chances
take these two things away,,;, my heart and
hazy sweets into your sinking brain

again again


soul sufferings

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

seriously now
this meaning of life business
is very searching, and mindful of
being and me, my head
and others’ faces and mouths and lips
and their eyes and their heads in the skies,

then the pen
is of bringing playing cards together
to mend big myths and moulds
that nothing of this should ever un, unfold

the courtesy of curtsies and daisies
floating inthe heavens of lazies,
the idea of infidels and intelligent beings
hoping to be of one seeing–

this idea is seeing the relative,
like time, like space in between our heavy
sighs and thighs,
the space, like time in between our burgers
and greasy fries-

enough of the bulge and real
the ideal is so fantasytical, it pulls you
into one and only;
it lies to you so slow and steady;
haunting panting slanting shoite

no, enough of the communists and capitalists
the hadharis and the fat chapatis
i want the cake
oil and stuffings–
i want the rice
extra curry and spicings—

and we roll back to that one thing again
that being all serious now
that meaning of life
is of great importance
and the importance of it all
is putting some life into the mediocre meaning

the spice into some sinning?
the lies into big winning?
the cries into soul sufferings..

dreaming out loud

Monday, April 20th, 2009

burns and bruises all over body
crush a firefly on the bed
a moth swinging from ear to toe
another dream another life
lie another sleep another
no one has stand up and said
:no hearts, no knifes at stake

dreambook, like a memory
jumbled players, random prayers
believe in the mind (open
and potent, stark
clasp bones and
don’t pretend

loved one, a friend
searching in bubbles and frames
losing rings and flowers
so beautiful, so wrong
so many nights
wishing to belong

to someone
in a dress in a happy mess
waiting for a call
letter postcard message
voice song hearts
chocolates bitter ; hurts

we shall all regard the truth
steadily sound like the wind
on cold feet bald head shades
we cannot make any sense
of any laces, pens, mirrors,
pillows, clouds, cotton, candy
and why is that
why not, all angels ask

because, a touch on the cheek
charming ’ fades
we are all
and dreaming out loud