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kiss this

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

me, on top of the dying cliff
shedding one, each, strand of hair
leafing onto her hands
at the bottom of his kiss


Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

you don’t see it, do you
but, she leans onto your soul
licking, leeching on your being
it disgusts me literally to hold
a picture of green lawns where tics and tacs
are said

you don’t hear it, do you
but she laughs so minimally slow
that decipher, god, she cannot
of our inside jokes, and casual fake smokes
and guns and whats..

you don’t know it, do you
but, the truth is if she left you you her
that all licking leeching fake laughing would be gone
all disgust unhonest deciphering jerk jokes,
all, would be gone

you don’t want to, do you
the seat of love is comfortable and warms
the much big mass of asses that
burn the big, and bold, the red will

the red will
shall conceal
many more don’ts and won’ts
so there shall be much scones left
for this tea party